Special Pilau£2.95

Rice Keema, peas, egg

Chicken Tikka Massala£6.95

Fresh cream, almond, tomatoes & a touch of herbs & spices. Mild dish.

Special Massala£8.95

As above with chicken tikka, king prawns, mushrooms and a hint of spinach.

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi (Hot)£6.95

A hot dish with sliced onions, capsicums and green chillies.

Nagarushni (Hot)£6.95

Chicken tikka cooked with extra garlic and Bangladeshi naga chilli.

Tandoori Murgi Massala (On The Bone)£7.95

Chicken Tikka, minced lamb, boiled egg cooked in a delicate sauce with aromatic herbs & spices, lightly hot, meaty, thick sauce.

Garlic Chilli Chicken (Very Hot)£6.95

Chicken Tikka cooked with fresh sliced green chillies, garlic & onions, a HOT dish.

South Indian Garlic (Fairly Hot)£6.95

Cooked with fresh green chillies, garlic, and chef’s secret aromatic spices, finished with garlic flakes in a HOT slightly saucy, thick sauce.

Punjab Khas Murgi£6.95

Diced chicken tikka cooked with peppers, onions and spinach in chefs spices creating a sweet & hot flavour.

Bengun Chicken£6.95

Cooked with chicken tikka in chefs special herbs and spices creating a thick slightly hot and tangy sauce.

Shaslick Roshuni£6.95

Chicken tikka with large pieces of roasted peppers, onions and tomatoes, cooked in a thick, garlicky sauce.


Chicken Tikka cooked with onions extra garlic creating a mixed tangy flavour. Thick, medium strength sauce.

Mozzarella Chicken£7.95

Chicken tikka cooked with medium strength sauce, peppers, tomato and onion then sprinkled with cheese on top.

Mixed Grill Bhuna£10.95

Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab tandoori chicken in a special bhuna sauce.

Labra Special£9.50

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, king prawns and mushrooms cooked with chef’s special herbs and spices creating a mouthwatering and lingering piquant sauce. Slightly hot.

Hanz Chinese Chicken Curry£5.95

Oriental style chicken cooked with onions, mushrooms and peas.

Hanz Chicken Noodles£5.95

An Indo-Chinese fusion of chinese chicken, mixed veg stir fried with noodles.

Chicken Makhani£6.95

Tandoori chicken cooked in butter and delicately spiced creating a mild sauce.

Lamb Maska£7.50

Lamb cooked with spinach and minced lamb in Chefs special medium strength thick sauce.

All these dishes are available:

Lamb or Lamb Tikkaextra £0.75

Prawnextra £1.00

King Prawnextra £2.00

Mixed Vegetables£5.50