A restaurant of innovative dining and first class service…inspired by taste!


Welcome to Hanz Spice Lounge! Whether you will be visiting for the first time or on a return visit, we all hope you have an enjoyable and memorable experience in our restaurant.

Our mouth watering menu has a plethora of dishes to titillate your taste buds, there are over 100 exciting main course dishes to choose from which remain true to the regional cuisines of India and Bangladesh.

All the ingredients are carefully selected and blended to bring out the best possible flavours. Among the old favourites, you will find new dishes to experience.

Should you not find a dish that pleases you, please feel free to talk to us and we will do everything possible to accommodate your tastes. We hope to be unique in our quality and presentation with high standards of service.

We only use the finest ingredients to freshly prepare your dishes to the highest quality so your patience is greatly appreciated. If you are pleased with our service, don’t forget to tell your friends!

Shubo Bhujon (bon appetite)!